Intuitive consultant and strategist for mission-driven business owners and managers

Get Clarity

Know exactly how you and your company can flourish

With an effective strategy and clear knowledge about what helps and what’s holding you back.

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Know exactly what is right for you and your company

Clarify your areas of doubt to confidently take the next step in your business.
Get to the heart of your business so you know how to position yourself distinctively in your market.
Become visible in a way that works for you. Tell your story convincingly and distinctively, without being shouty.
Sharpen your offer so you attract the right customers.
Using my intuition, we quickly get to the core of your questions and business, so that you know and communicate exactly what you stand for.

My offer

Strategy Session

Tap into my communication power, strategic insight, intuition and ability to generate ideas. Get answers to your most pressing questions about your services or products, target audience, positioning and communication. And go home with an effective strategy.

Business reading

Are you unsure about the next step you want to take with your business? I read your and your company or team’s energy with my intuition. I give you clear insight into what you know about it on a subconscious level. You already have the answers, I ‘read’ them and tell you what they are.

Interim senior communications consultant

Do you need temporary communication capacity for an internal or external communication assignment? As an experienced consultant and communications manager with a strategic view, I know how to settle in quickly and get things off the ground.

What customers say

Abeke gets to the core fast

“Abeke can connect well, is a fast thinker, provides expert advise and dares to confront in a pleasant way, quickly getting to the core.”

Trijny Moddejonge

coach/counselor and hr consultant, Rijnmotief

Things have started to flow more in my company

“I gained more insight into the undercurrent of my organization and how people are in it. The follow-up session helped me put everything in place and translate the information from the business reading itself into actions. Things have started to flow more in my company. Before the first session, I wondered if a reading was concrete enough, but it is. Abeke works in a focused way, explores with me and is patient. I recommend this to anyone who is open to working with new insights.”

Alfred Griffioen

CEO and owner, Alliance Experts

Abeke shows you exactly how to move forward

“I was in doubt about the direction of my business. Beforehand, I thought I should be able to figure this out myself. It was well worth the money. I got clarity and understanding. Now I can take new steps with my business with more pleasure and confidence. Abeke works like a laser light, she shows you exactly how to move forward. I would immediately recommend it to entrepreneurs who have a question of doubt.”

Mascha Schutz

Trainer Connected Communication, Commas

Very claryfying

“Abeke is warm, knowledgeable and generous. I felt very seen in the strategy session. She also gave me extra tools and information about my target audience. I would recommend a strategy session to anyone brooding on a particular decision or route of their company or its communication. Very enlightening! Especially because your own knowing as an owner gets a lot of attention.”

Barbara Steeman

Coach, Bast Coaching


“Abeke is clear-knowing, meticulous and accurate. If you are looking for a sparring partner for strategic choices, I definitely recommend this.”

Monique van der Werff

Coach, School voor Vrouwenkracht

Once I was a rational communications professional

I worked on the internal communication and positioning of large companies, of (semi-)governmental organizations and educational institutions.

I discovered how much more you can know with your intuition and found out that clear knowing goes best with both feet on the ground.

I now help mission-driven entrepreneurs – including coaches, consultants and creatives – and large organisations within sectors like sustainability and education. I focus on helping them flourish, position themselves firmly and visibly in their market or enhance their communication and marketing strategy.

I am a teacher of intuitive development at the oldest energy school in the Netherlands (CLI) and have already helped hundreds of people find the answer to their (business) question using my intuition.

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